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The Center for Competitive Management (C4CM) is the one resource that gives you an insider’s advantage for staying on top of the issues in your industry. C4CM’s content is designed to help busy professionals like you with your critical responsibilities and improve the performance of your company.

With over 10 years of experience in providing up-to-the minute, high-impact information, you can count on C4CM for authoritative and practical guidance — and save time and money getting it.

As new developments occur we act quickly to provide you with the most reliable analysis, compliance insights, and “how to” tools through our Audio Conferences, CD Recordings, Training Resources, and Research products in the following ares:

What makes C4CM an authoritative resource?

C4CM’s trusted guidance is a reflection of the combined efforts of our executive team, our national network of authors and presenters — all of whom are recognized leaders in their fields— and our highly accomplished in-house production staff.  All of which are dedicated to providing the most current information available to help keep you on top of the changes in your field, and learn valuable insights that boost your performance.

Through the years, C4CM’s staff has had the pleasure of working with some of the most respected, knowledgeable, and revered industry leaders, tapping into them for the latest developments and current issues affecting your business.

About our authors:

Eva R. Marienchild

As an extension of her interests in law, business, science, research and the funneling of useful information, Eva R. Marienchild has: worked in Contracts; combed through laboratory notebooks for a Rockefeller Center intellectual property firm; instructed aid recipients; been a correspondent, journalist and book reviewer, a pr writer, copy writer and copy editor; edited newsletters and newspapers and written columns and magazine articles.  She is currently a spiritual, holistic health and business writer, translator and author, a Better Living coach, a health and vocational counselor, voice-over talent, manuscript doctor and artist.  Her inspirational books “Future Love Story” and “Mexicana”  are  available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble; at this link, and here.

Wendy A. Bradley

Wendy A. Bradley, Texas native and professional writer, has worked as a researcher and financial consultant for a variety of litigation and transactional firms—from boutique to big law—both in the U.S. and abroad. Ms. Bradley holds a Masters of Science (MSc) in Finance and Strategy, and an MSc in International Political Economy in a joint program between L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (SciencesPo) in France and the London School of  Economics and Political Science (LSE) in England. She won a distinction, which is LSE’s highest honor, for her dissertation titled American and British Government Policy Preference for Mortgage Moratoria During the Inter-War Period, which analyzes the legal and economic ramifications of real-estate regulations. In 2009, Ms. Bradley was awarded the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award and subsequently invited to participate in a symposium in Switzerland alongside various businessmen, politicians, scientists, and media representatives to explore new  opportunities, fields, and strategies of entrepreneurial activity in the wake of the financial crisis. In 2014, she attended Dublin’s Web Summit to interact with representatives from the world’s most innovative tech companies. She is currently working to finish her PhD thesis analyzing the economic impact of intellectual property on entrepreneurs and U.S. business policy. Ms. Bradley is an avid rock climber, fluent in French, and has over four-years of formal education in classical Arabic.

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: As an extension of her interests in law, business, science, research and the funneling of information, Eva R. Marienchild has worked in Contracts; combed through laboratory notebooks for a Rockefeller Center intellectual property firm; instructed aid recipients; been a columnist, a pr writer, copy writer and copy editor, edited newsletters and newspapers; written columns and magazine articles and been a correspondent, journalist and book reviewer.  She is currently a spiritual, health and business writer, translator and author, a Better Living coach, voice-over talent, manuscript doctor and artist.  Her inspirational book “Future Love” (and “Mexicana”, due out shortly) is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble; at http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/single.php?ISBN=1-55404-500-2, and at http://www.ebookwise.com/ebooks/b51836/Future-Love-Story/Eva-R-Marienchild/?si=43


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