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5 Essential Podcasts for Law Firm Professionals

In any business and during all economic eras, professionals striving for success must learn to maintain a competitive edge in their industry.

In the past, that meant higher education degrees, certificate courses, or self-taught skills in complimentary fields. For some professionals—doctors and lawyers—this extra training and continuing education is mandatory.

However, professionals working in various areas of law may not, actually, be J.D. graduates or restricted by the same regulatory bodies. Law is composed of assistants, paralegals, consultants, patent specialists, engineers, managers and administrators, to name just a few.

Thus, for those with a drive to compete within and move to the top of their profession—whether the steps to do so is mandatory or not—the following podcasts should help you get there.

1. Legal Talk Network

Legal Talk Network hosts multiple podcasts and talks. Their subjects range from legal technology, to discussions of prominent figures in the field, to office etiquette.

Some of their most recent subjects include, Legal Technology, The Impact of Steve Jobs on the Legal Profession, and Gender Equality in Citizenship Laws.

2. The Wall Street Journal This Morning

The Wall Street Journal has cutting-edge news reporting every morning, available for free online. In lively, one-hour segments, the anchors give you a blend of intelligent information, humor, and expert analysis of the current, most newsworthy items.

Whether you plug into This Morning in your car or on the Web, make sure you start the day fully apprised of the recent business, political, and legal developments.

3. ABA podcasts

The American Bar Association (ABA) offers a variety of webinars and online CLE seminars for the legal professional. Legal professionals are already likely to be familiar with the ABA site, but it’s worth a few more minutes to give the audio portions a chance.

4. Law and Disorder radio

Independent radio program and podcast, Law and Disorder radio hosts may seem left-leaning at first. Even still, the subject matter is interesting, controversial, and topical.

Recent topics include implications of the Occupy Wall Street protests, human rights, and Muslim profiling.

In the least, this podcast provides the fodder for conversation among your peers and superiors. Next time you’re stuck in the elevator with a law partner or in the middle of a period of awkward silence, tap into your law and disorder discourse for debatable subject matter.

5. NPR Planet Money

Lawyers often find finance and money matters to be the weakest link in their chain of expertise.

If this is the case for you, in an effort to become well-rounded in financial matters and learn the legal implications of U.S. economic policy, try listening to Planet Money by NPR. The hosts have a knack for explaining complicated financial issues in simplified, informative, yet entertaining ways.

At the same time, it’s difficult to fight the old adage that “you get what you pay for”. Although each of these podcasts are essential additions to your competitive legal repertoire, ask your law firm to purchase audio learning pieces with more comprehensive content for its employees.

Consider The Center For Competitive Management’s audio conferences or recordings in the areas of Corporate Finance, Education, General Management, Human Resources, Law Firm Management, and Laboratory Management. Subjects include, California Labor and Employment Law Update, Unclaimed Property Reporting and Compliance, Team Management, and The Smart Woman’s Guide to Fearless Negotiation, for example.

Law firm professionals and the firm in which they work will benefit from the leadership and management tips that typical legal education and experience can sometimes leave out.

Via podcasts or audio courses, learn to listen your way to the top.



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