FREE iPhone Apps That Lawyers Can’t Do Without

Last year, the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Survey Report claimed 31 percent of lawyers (in private practice) use an iPhone and 13 percent also using an iPad.

That’s an estimated 300,000 lawyers nationwide.

So, for any law firm professional who regularly depends on his smartphone, below is a list of five iPhone apps you never knew you couldn’t do without. And, the best part? They’re all free.

LexisNexis® Legal News – FREE

The recently updated LexisNexis® Legal News app by Newstex draws information and updates from the vast LexisNexis content repository. The app provides selections of the best legal news, video, blog, and Twitter sources into a continuously updating content feed for the iPhone or the iPad.

With this app, law firm professionals can stay on top of breaking legal, business, and financial news; set alerts for news pertinent to your clients, competitors, or market conditions; and create customized searches for information from across a wide variety of content providers and formats including blogs, Twitter, and video.

After all, a lawyers should be able to provide the best service for their clients at no additional cost.

LexisNexis® CourtLink – FREE (with subscription)

Also a LexisNexis-developed app,LexisNexis CourtLink allows legal professionals to review recent court docket alert and tracking activity.

With this app, you can also set up alerts to monitor activity on a specific case, as well as receive lists of newly filed cases in a particular practice area or involving specific parties.

Technically the app is free, but a subscription to CourtLink is required. The app markets itself to a variety of professionals related to the field of law, including:

  • Legal Professionals, so they can argue more effectively and grow their business.
  • Corporate Counsel, so they can hire and manage outside counsel more effectively; manage internal caseload more easily; and investigate patent questions (and more).
  • Financial Services/Insurance Providers, so they can improve investment decisions knowing the full risk picture; and improve profitability by preventing and detecting fraud.
  • Media Professionals, so they can be alerted to newsworthy litigation, receive updates on ongoing cases quickly, and research litigation trends.
  • Litigation Support, so they are immediately notified as a case is filed, trial begins, or a decision is being reached.

Waze  – FREE

Although not specifically a legal app, Waze can be quite valuable to lawyers.

Waze lets drivers manually input traffic and accident data while they’re on the road. For time-sensitive lawyers who are constantly dashing to and from the office, client meetings, or court, Waze is an indispensible, portable tool.

Waze isn’t a new app—with about 12 million users—but it has been recently updated. The app now includes a feature allowing drivers to speak into the iPhone to report traffic and accidents.

Atypical of the tech world, Waze values safety overs speed.

American Arbitration Association – FREE

If you are involved in arbitrations or mediations via the American Arbitration Association, the brand new AAA smartphone app (for iPhone and Android) will allow you easy access to all AAA rules, codes, and protocols.

The app also provides immediate access to contact information for AAA offices throughout the U.S. and regional locations around the world.

Legal professionals can enjoy reading arbitration and mediation rules from labor and employment, commercial, construction, real estate and environmental, government and consumer, to international cases.

Need international dispute resolution rules in a foreign language? Not a problem.

Read more about the app here on Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites.

Finally, there are a variety of other interesting apps for legal professionals that, while not free, won’t break the bank. Don’t forget to check out these ten iPhone apps for lawyers, each fewer than five dollars, including this one:

iPunchclock – $4.99

The iPunchclock by EpIPhone Coders’ Guild is one of many timesheet apps for lawyers available for the iPhone. The unique feature of this app is that it tracks not only the time you spent on the task, but also the location where you completed the task using the iPhone’s GPS function.

Unlike other timesheet recording apps, the iPunchclock records time in seconds—as opposed to 0.1 fixed intervals. Nevertheless, this format makes conversion to .CSV for use in Excel much easier.

Professionals can name the task, create multiple timesheets and tasks, add personalized comments, and map their conference calls on Google Maps. Not too shabby for the on-the-go lawyer.

Check out a complete guide of tracking time apps here.



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