10 iPhone Apps For Lawyers Under $5

Portable convenience for the mobile lawyer. The following apps will bolster your legal knowledge without breaking the bank:


Fastcase –created for both the iPhone and iPad—is a free legal research app. Fastcase contains cases and statutes from all 50 states and from the federal government. You can search by citation, keyword (in Boolean or natural language), or browse statute collections, like a portable American Law Library. The best part for an on-the-go lawyer? Customizable, sortable search results.


This free app allows for immediate access to RSS feeds. Now you can o keep up with your favorite websites and news.


You never have to forget to properly record your legal expenses. Keep track of your legal bills with images, e-mail, currency conversion, and password protection with this cheap app.

Cliff Maier Reference Apps

Cliff Maier Reference Apps are a must-have for every mobile lawyer. Plus, the information contained in these apps are available offline, which means you no longer have to delay at Starbucks with its free wifi while you brush up on Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, NY CPL, The Constitution, Patent Rules, and so on.

Pocket Attorney App

Lawyers should advise their most overactive clients to download the Pocket Attorney app for a mini-me version of legal counsel. This app provides information about the most common crimes, including details regarding the types of sentences available for each crime and sites where the information (i.e., which document) is coming from. For overly-concerned and overly-communicative clients, this app will put the answers to all legal questions in the palm of their hands. And, it frees you up to dig around for that “get-out-of-jail-free” card.

Court Days- Date Calculator for Lawyers

It’s so hard to keep track of dates and deadlines. Especially when different jurisdictions observe different holidays. With this app, a lawyer can schedule multiple court dates in a single location. Never be late to file again.


It may not be the best source of information on the web, but it’s free and quick. Plus, let’s face it, everybody uses Wikipedia these days. Now you can have a wikipanion in your pocket for friendly reminders of case-pertinent historical facts, popular culture, and scientific discoveries.


The iPleading app is the first mobile litigation template generator. The iPleading app was created by a lawyer for lawyers to design quick PDF documents, ready for filing. The formats follow customs of the legal profession and the rules of pleading in State and Federal Courts. The app iPleading is easy to use, with four steps: (1) Fill out your info such as name, bar number, address, and footer; (2) Employ optional fields such as firm name, 2nd attorney, and court name; (3) Click ‘Create and Send’; and (4) The iPleading app is generated and sent to any email address, ready to be finalized. For attorneys of high-stakes litigation, in a hurry.

QuickVoice Recorder w/ Free Voicemail

This app turns your iPhone into a free voice recorder. You can be on the record, all the time.


This app is a portable scanner. Lawyers can take a photo of any document with their iPhone camera, and watch it automatically convert the image to a PDF document.

Unfortunately, now lawyers have no excuse for being unprepared, whether in court or at the office.



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