How To Motivate Employees To Arrive Earlier To Work

At the firm, you’ve noticed that associates are arriving later and later to work in the morning.

But when attorneys work late nights, how do you motivate them to work early mornings, too?

Start with these three ideas to turn taking roll into payroll for your employees and billable hours for the firm.

1. Breakfast

The easiest way to attract early-risers is coffee and breakfast. Luckily, buying donuts, bagels, and boxes of coffee does not have to break the bank.

A box of donuts costs six dollars, and bulk coffee another ten. If these treats arrive before 9am, for a mere sixteen dollars, you’ve guaranteed at least an additional two tenths of a work hour from a dozen associates billing at $200 per hour. That’s advantageous math.

Connect with your neighborhood café and arrange a discount. Offer to advertise their services and menu in return.

Unfortunately, once the novelty of free breakfast wears off, employees will return to their regular, 10-minute tardy routines.

Change it up each month. Try different gourmet coffees and bring in fresh fruit one day instead of catering just carbs.

A hearty (and free) breakfast is always something to get out of bed for.

2. Transport vouchers

What’s the first excuse employees use for arriving late to work? Traffic.

But, this excuse becomes moot as soon as employees commute via public transportation.

Because commuting by train, subway, or bus is friendlier on the environment, the government subsidizes it. Most states have systems in place where employers can buy tickets on public transportation for their employees tax-free.

Investigate your firm’s options and push travel vouchers.

If you do, you’ll never have to hear “there was an accident on the interstate” again.

3. Arrive in early yourself

There’s a reason why the phrase, “lead by example” has become cliché. When managing a team, the leader sets the bar for workplace expectations.

If you’re serious about getting your subordinates to the office earlier, you’ll have to start at the top. If the boss arrives early, others will follow suit. No employee wants to risk arriving after his or her employer.

Just remember, positive reinforcement (as opposed to negative incentives) works best. Taking attendance and allocating punishments for latecomers will only lead to decreased morale. Plus, arriving late already bears intrinsic consequences: decreased job responsibilities, missed chances for the partnership track, and criticism by peers.

It is a blessed person who loves to awaken at sunrise. For everybody else, there’s breakfast (and other, similar incentives).



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