Gifts & Greeting Cards To Law Firm Professionals: What Are Your Holiday Obligations?

This week’s posts have been holiday-themed because December tends to be a month rife with obligations. Office parties, vacation requests, and year-end bonuses abound, and law firm administrators and employees alike have something to worry about. 

When all is said and done, how should employees and employers express their gratitude? 

For employees, it’s important to give your good wishes to both your subordinates and superiors. For your assistant, pick up a fruit basket, buy a gift certificate, bake some cookies or even, simply, send a holiday card to show your appreciation for the year’s hard work.

Find out the names of their spouse and children to correctly address the card. And, if possible, send it to their home instead of leaving it on their office desk. Not only does this exempt your assistant from awkwardly accepting the gift, but it also adds a personal touch.

Be warned, finding out your paralegal’s home address might show them that you are, in fact, still capable of conducting your own due diligence and background research.

In addition to notes of appreciation for your subordinates, spend a few minutes to thank your superiors. Depending on the professional environment and the relationship you have with your boss, either stop by their office or send a greeting card.

Face time, especially around the end of the year, is important.

Plan to peek your head into the office of your boss right before your (or their) holiday vacation. Wish them well, add a quick comment about finishing a case project, and then say goodbye. This will bring attention to your hard work and to your sparkling personality all at once. 

In a greeting card, be brief. Don’t spoil Rudolf’s red nose by having a brown one. Stick to formalities and holiday cheer.

Now, for employers, there will be added pressure to say “thank you” to all your associates. 

Instead of wasting money on sending holiday cards to each employee, e-mail a mass “Happy New Years” message. Then, with the money you saved on holiday cards, organize a contest with a single grand prize. The contest can be trivia-based, case-related, or just for fun.

Especially at a time when year-end bonuses and raises are limited, show your appreciation in a sincere, spirited, but sparing way.



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