Three Ways To Increase Readership Of Your Legal Blog

The importance of social media has been hammered into the heads of lawyers.

So, now you have a blog, but what exactly do you do with it?

Real Lawyers Have Blogs is pointing professionals in the direction of this article, “Build A Blog, Build A Practice.”

The article states, “Twitter and Facebook may be a useful part of the mix in social media marketing, but neither is a substitute for blogging. Blogs can still showcase a firm’s expertise in a more substantial way, serve as a repository on information, and can increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the firm’s website. It is also a great way to exchange ideas on a particular issue , and for individual lawyers to create a public persona as experts in a particular field of law.”

In terms of blogging platforms, the article singles out six of the best websites, including:

  5. Typepad

“Blogging is still good way to get noticed and carve out a niche for yourself,” Simon Fodden, publisher of the leading Canadian law blog, Slaw, tells the article’s author, James Careless.

At the same time, just starting a blog is not enough. Your firm won’t get noticed if your blog lacks in readership. So, how do you attract the best and brightest of the legal field to your webspace?

First, post frequently. The easiest way to attract readers is to have ample content for them to read. This means devoting time each day, or at least, each week, to updating your blog. To start, use daily news articles to inspire content. Next, add some analysis. FInally, when you’ve gotten into a routine, start formulating original pieces that will inspire your audience and also demonstrate your skills and expertise as a lawyer.

Note: Don’t try to over-sell your legal services. If people trust your opinion on the blog, they’ll likely learn to trust your opinion as their counsel.

Second, keep the information current. In addition to frequent posting, a good legal blog writes about topical information. Yesterday’s news is exactly that. Stay in the loop by setting up Google Alerts and subscribing to other newsites and blogs. This way you’ll keep up-to-date with all the details and happenings in the industry.

For fun: Set up a Google Alert with a niche term or phrase, like “patent accident.” This will lead you to surprising sources and hopefully unique content.

Thrid, add a bit of controversy. If you’re feeling exceptionally brave, a great way to attract readership is through a bit of controversy. Add a forum for discussion on the most controversial cases, for example. Or, make a “tips” email address or hotline where readers can report events anonymously.

But, remember: Whatever you post on your blog will represent your firm. So, include a strong disclaimer or seek firm approval before writing anything that’s, well, NSFW.

You’ll be surprised how fast blogging becomes a part of your everyday practice. And, equally surprised at how much attention (and business) you’ll gain from it.

(I’ve done my part, now for your turn.)



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